Monday, 29 April 2013

Oxenwood - Wiltshire Sunset

This past weekend I travelled to Oxenwood in Wiltshire for a first aid course. I was lucky enough to stay at the centre on Friday night and was treated to some lovely weather for a couple of sunset photo opportunities. I have also been given the option to download Lightroom 5 Beta and try it out. So I have. And this photo stood out to me when I was editing it. This is the unedited, straight from camera, photo. Below is the enhanced photo showing off the warm sunset light.

The daffodils were out in full colour. There were some types I had never seen before, like the pure white daffodil. Below are a selection of my favourites.

I like the fallen pollen in this one

These white ones were beautiful


A lonely sun-deprived Daf :(

Had to climb a bit of a muddy bank to get the shots with the sun. So as well as brushing my hand accidentally against nettles, I was also blinding myself momentarily to get the shot! But I think it's worth it

There were of course other things to keep my camera happy while I was out waiting for a spectacular sunset that never happened.

The robin was in full voice as he sang the sun to sleep.

He even flew down closer to me searching for his next meal.

And he got it, which is more than I can say for my camera... not in focus. Sigh

Something different in the golden sunset light.

I think this is the long-tailed tit looking at me funny... he looks like a stuffed toy!

Haven't looked in my bird book for this one yet

Amid the sunny weather there were a few quick showers (while we were sitting inside on Saturday we had what can only be called a cloud burst of hail which was pretty cool, almost worthy of Natal storms if the hail had been a bit bigger!)

Farmer's Field

Messed around a bit with silhouettes

Oh and can't forget the cows. They were in a very skittish mood, running backwards and forwards. The photos of the cows were all taken through the smallest of gaps between bushes on a muddy bank!

Ravens, crows or rooks (too far for me to see) sitting at the top of a tree, probably the best place to view the sunset!)

And finally when the sun had dipped below the horizon I rushed inside to warm my hands and do a bit of writing.

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