Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunset Over Bath

So since moving to Trowbridge I haven't spent much time in Bath, other than a couple of days working in the shop, Sundays at church and home group every 2nd Wednesday evening. So to spend some time house/kitten sitting for some church friends feels a bit like a holiday (except I'm still working). To be able to look over the bowl of Bath on a beautifully sunny day at the beginning of summer makes a change from my usual view of a car park in Trowbridge.
Last night Bath was treated to another amazing sunset and I couldn't resist getting out my camera. I was in socks (no time to put shoes on!), had a lens in my pocket, and no keys as I used the back door (I locked myself out a few weeks ago when I kitten sat for them!). I did blind myself looking through the lens at the setting sun and stepped on an unfortunate snail enjoying his evening squelch off the garden! Was it worth it? Definitely.

The reflection in the window was pretty

I wish I had taken a similar photo in landscape so this could be my desktop background!

As I mentioned above, I'm kitten sitting. So you should know me well enough by now to know that I don't turn down an opportunity to take photos! And I have about 500 to go through and edit from the last weekend I kitten sat! Keep an eye out for those, the kittens are adorable!

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