Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wingfield Sunset - British Summertime

Some sunsets just scream at me to be photographed, others just whisper a gentle goodbye while a cool breeze blows through my hair and the grass around me. Tonight was one of the latter sunsets. Nothing special, nothing to say "Wow" at. I find the best sunsets are those where clouds are involved. But on a Summer evening in Wiltshire, England, I couldn't find one cloud to capture the sunset colours. I had to work hard to make my 2 mile walk worth it. And boy did I find it.
There are many different angles to look at a sunset. Why not try through a hedge? Or in front of a spider web? Or maybe through the barley. That's all I had to "work with". Did it work? You be the judge.

Oh yes, before the light faded completely I was able to watch this beauty for a few minutes. She certainly knows she's beautiful as she posed for the camera.

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