Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sybil Reborn

After a very busy week in my new job, I finally had a welcome day off with my friend, Lydia. She owns, and has owned several, Reborn Dolls. In September last year I did a shoot for her micro-preemi doll she was selling called Toby. Click here for more info.

Not only was this a great break from work, it was also a good photography practice for my own new little nephew when I go back to SA at Christmas!. Yes, I am an auntie to a lovely little boy called Michael. I can't wait to see him and you can be sure photos will be up on this site after Christmas!

Anyway...we decided to take an early morning trip to Prior Park in Bath for a photoshoot with Lydia's latest doll, Sybil. The morning started promisingly with blue sky and a fresh breeze but the wind brought with it some rain clouds and we did get a little wet. Thankfully Prior Park is pretty photogenic in any weather! Sadly, even though it was the beginning of November, not all the trees had changed yet so we didn't get to see the park at it's best but there was still some colour to be seen.

I managed to capture this raindrop landing on the leaf.

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