Friday, 18 July 2014

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2014: The Falconry

This year I had the chance to go back to the Tewkesbury Medieval festival for the second time. Last year I joined a family from church on one of the hottest days of the summer. I got some great shots of the battle re-enactment (click here to see those) so this year my dad joined me. I decided I wanted to get some different shots from last year.

One activity I really wanted to do last year which I didn't get a chance to do, was to hold a bird of prey. The falconer charges £2 to hold a bird and £3 to fly one. There was a choice between the harris hawks, lanner falcon, peregrine falcon, barn owl or the beautiful European eagle owl. Well it was a difficult decision but I finally chose the eagle owl. What a privilege. My only regret: I didn't ask for its name!

Before the battle re-enactment we were treated to a falconry display with some information on the history of falconry in medieval times. While the audience was settling down we had some entertainment.

And then the display started.

Harris Hawk in action.

Even though it wasn't as hot as last year, the hawk still decided he didn't want to listen to instructions!

Next was the lovely barn owl.

I think all cameras focussed on the Harris Hawk when he landed there! All I could hear were the clicks of all the other SLR cameras, no one was really listening to the falconer at that moment!

Peregrine cadging a lift.

I hope these have inspired some people to join the fun next year. There are more photos of the entire event on the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Flickr Page

Click the links to see my photos on The Jesters and The Battle

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