Saturday, 3 January 2015

Snow & Ice in Derbyshire

I spent the week between Christmas and New Year 2014 with my parents in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. On Christmas Eve snow had fallen in the area and it was still there when we arrived a couple of days later. Having not taken my camera out for quite a few months, I was keen to get out there and take some shots.
I therefore volunteered to take the doggy (Bella) for her sunrise walk. But the first morning I didn't take any photos, mainly due to letting the dog enjoy the snow instead! It is also a bit difficult to take photos while holding the lead of a dog who will run and not stop until she's pulled your arm off!

So when I had a chance, I took a walk on my own. It so happened to be an hour before sunset when I captured these scenes.

Clear nights meant the snow had layers of ice on top of it to make it sparkle in the sun. Couldn't resist trying to get a few shots of the ice.

The lonely tree on the hill - looks like a dandelion!

The sunlight through the ice caught my attention after I almost walked past it. Unfortunately I couldn't get the correct angle for the sun to be directly behind the ice but I think this is still effective.

Rabbit prints in the snow smiling at me.

Buried treasure under the road perhaps?

Tuesday morning I woke up nice and early to take the dog for her morning walk. I had half decided to not take my camera with me but when I looked out of the window I realised I couldn't not take it out.

Local pony all iced up!

Fog in the fields.

Bella loving the snow!

Icy trees

When I knew the sun was about to rise, I took Bella back inside and walked up the road to stand on a wall (don't worry it was on stones meant to be used to climb over the wall!) and watch the sun rise over the icy and foggy landscape.

Another friendly horse looking for someone to rub off all the ice on her mane.

Just as I was about to go back inside, Mum and Dad decided to go for a walk so I joined them, having already spent 1hr30mins out!

Over the next few days the snow melted, leaving a grey day and green fields by the time we left Derbyshire.

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