Monday, 11 July 2016

Sunrises in the west, and sunsets in the east!

So, I'm finally on holiday after a tough PGCE year in Cornwall. I spent six months living in Launceston in a house that had a beautiful view over the valley border of Devon and Cornwall including Dartmoor in the distance. I was treated to some beautiful mornings when the valley was covered in a beautiful fluffy duvet. The following photos show some of the different views of sunrises I had over my time in the house.

An icy winter morning looking across to Dartmoor.

Yup, those are trees peaking out of the clouds.

Today was the first time I've taken my camera out with me for a couple of months - I just didn't feel I had time to go through and edit photos if I did take my camera. Mum and I took the dog down to the Stour River with Harwich on the far shore. It was sunny-ish when we left the house with dark clouds in the distance. They were very dramatic clouds.

There were a few black-headed gulls playing in the waves.

The dark clouds were coming closer.

So we turned back...

A tiny boat with a BIG name!

Well we tried to avoid the rain but unfortunately clouds travel faster than we do.

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