Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sunset, seagulls and oyster catchers

This evening I went for a walk down to the Stour River to watch the clouds take on sunset colours and hopefully get a photo of an oyster catcher! After exploring the little paths in the wood above the river, I headed down to the riverside. There were some guys learning how to sail - I spared them the embarrassment of being photographed as a few capsized right near the shoreline to laughter from friends and family - some black-headed gulls (I think), walking in the surf and some oyster catchers. The sun cast an orange glow across the sky and the clouds played along by creating shapes and catching the rays in a lovely photogenic way. 

A buried feather in the ooze of weed left at low tide.

Sailing School while the clouds flowed over each other like a waterfall - there was hardly a breath of wind!

The promise of a pretty sunset.

Black-headed gull wading through the surf.

Someone took some chalk and wrote on the jetty!

Oyster catcher! And a gull calling to his mate.

I think this cloud looks like Dumbo!!

And the last of the sunset before it disappeared behind the thicker clouds on the horizon. Look closely and you might see a griffin in the clouds.

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