Friday, 21 April 2017

Farewell to Somerset, for a little while...

If these photos don't seem up to my usual standard I have 2 excuses, I mean reasons! Due to my laptop crashing at the beginning of the year, I haven't been able to take my DSLR out on explorations as I have had nowhere to put the photos so I am a little out of practice on the technical camera side of things. My second reason is also linked to the lack of laptop - I have no Lightroom to enhance my photos. Instead, I had to use the basic editing Windows 10 photo viewer allows which, to be fair, is more than Windows 7 ever did!

So back to the post - I have moved across country to the East after a negative experience in the school I was doing my NQT year in. Before I left, the west, I joined my landlady for some gorgeous walks in the springtime countryside with her two amazing dogs! These photos are from those walks.

Walk number 1: Greyfriars Wood, High Littleton, Somerset.

Although I had walked in the woods before with my landlady and her dogs, I had only been to the waterfall once before so as a farewell walk, we went to the waterfall. For those of you familiar with the TV show Robin of Sherwood, this is one of the filming locations. The woods themselves were once part of the Earl of Warwick's hunting estate.

The top of the falls.

A view from the bottom of the falls which are hidden to the left behind the bank.

One of the gorgeous dogs. This is Jonty the springador (lab x springer spaniel). He's only 2 or thereabouts!

Jonty and "old boy" Fred finding the perfect sticks for us to throw into the pool!

Fred plunged into the pool for one stick...

And found the biggest "stick" possible. He started growling and barking at the "stick" because he couldn't lift it!

Fred looked at us as if saying "well come on, throw another one!"

The falls!

Beautiful sunlight through the trees.

Fred didn't want to leave!

Jonty can jump pretty high. He can jump over a park bench so we got him to jump over this tree branch. It took a few goes, and lots of impatient barking from Jonty, before he actually jumped rather than just ran under the branch.

Fred waiting patiently.

Jonty happily trotting off with his piece of bark.

Spring showing itself in the trees.

The bluebells were just showing themselves!

Fred trotting back to us.

Jonty racing back to us...

Happy Fred.

Jonty wanted to do another circuit of the woods!

Walk number 2: The Mendips

We let the dogs explore as they always do, knowing they would come back! But we took a wrong turn and ending up at the rock a bit later than planned with no dogs... The family that were already at the rocks had last seen the dogs 20 minutes previously!

Somewhere out there...

Here comes Fred!!

And here comes Jonty!

Reunited. Not sure what they're all looking at.

Funny faces!

Tired dogs!

I'm going to miss these three!

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  1. We miss you already - house feels so empty without you. We can't wait to have you visit us is North Wales when move xxx