Monday, 4 September 2017

A Little Bit of Food Photography

With Bake Off back on TV (and other such food programmes taking over the airwaves as it were), I have chosen to take a look back at some old photos from my university days (2012).

I was allowed access into two top Bath restaurants for a university food writing project. Chequers, a gastropub at the north end of Bath "serves award winning, inventive British food in a welcoming pub atmosphere" while the Marlborough Tavern offer "a warm welcome, freshly prepared home cooked food and friendly service."

I also spent an enjoyable morning photographing the goings on at the Bath Farmer's Market and talking to the people there about their food.

First up: The Chequers Kitchen

Next: The Marlborough Tavern. It boasts a bigger kitchen than the Chequers. I managed to time it right, that I spent the first part of the evening watching the Chequers chefs making mains and the second part of the evening at the Marlborough Tavern watching them make (mostly) desserts and cheese boards.

And last but not least, the Bath Farmer's Market from early morning set up to late morning bustle.

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